Understand MEI And How To Do It

Those who work on their own can formalize their activity as MEI – Individual Microentrepreneur. This is an option that has been in place since 2009, so entrepreneurs have a simple and quick choice to have their small business legally. Today, from A to Z, more than 400 activities are allowed. Next, understand how the […]

3 Credit Card Tips

The high level of indebtedness of Portuguese families is highly motivated by credit cards. We have in Portugal more than 1 credit card per adult … that is, more than 10 million credit cards. If we assume that these cards have rates close to 20%, it is easy to see how financial problems increase. That […]

Loan For Companies To Start

Money for business development can be obtained in several different ways. The best option is non-returnable funds that do not need to be returned, and you only need to document that we have allocated them for something that we need to run our company. Such funds can be obtained from subsidies offered by the Labor […]